Vulpecula to Pomona, CP 1919


In the aisles they danced too fast, too slow, stepping in and out of tempo, between time, flickering in and out of the strobe, between worlds, washed over by the waves, from Vulpecula to Pomona, 1967 to 1979, this black canal flows, bloated corpses floating like corks, fathers, sons, shoulder to shoulder, amongst the waves, whilst in the aisles, on Pier 8, beneath the perforated steel, they dance too fast, they dance too slow, stepping in and out of tempo, in the shadows, in the strobe, stamping feet and flinging limbs, they raise the dead that will not die, they wake them up, they open eyes, 1980, 2011, too fast, too slow, amongst the waves, the pulsing waves, between worlds, between lives, anchored at the quayside, from Vulpecula to Pomona, lost amongst the waves…

Late night, dockside musings after Peter Hook & The Light performing Joy Division, 

The Lowry, Salford Quays, November, 2011.

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