Field Report


With her subtle breathing apparatus engaged, the researcher perched upon a fragment of dry-stone wall, the dust settling on her protective suit. Having assembled screen shots of all the relevant sources upon her visor, she sent them arcing onto the horizon where she could easily refer to them whilst the green text of her dictation appeared in the foreground, overlaying her view of the three hundred year old ruins around her: the world – she repeatedly had to convince herself – that passed for reality.
Case: 7386459
Location: North West Sector 31
Event Date: Silicon Era (late period) Gregorian – 2086

This report is an amalgam of previous testimonies, hidden cache sources and triangulated re-construction simulations based on particle analysis and energy retrieval cues.

In late September, 2086, unusual monitoring activity and multi-data transference was recorded by a retired engineer testing old receivers in the vicinity of a Coniston hostelry (former. Cumbria, English county) in preparation for sale. This intense activity correlates with meta-data from archives 308-311, system cache, from which it is evident that the mutation occurred and ran for several weeks prior to Salient Self-Detect engaging. Data curls of sufficient regularity were recorded during a remote scan of the interior of the hostelry as programmed to produce the 1:1 contemporary reality cache, the construction of an enormous archive of every event, every unfolding moment in space and time, the grand surveillance project that characterised the techno-centric regime that dominated the era. This unusual regularity in the data instigated a loop in the remote processing procedure, which, unresolved, triggered a so-called Smart Option, whereby the processors “evolved” a crude solution typical of late Silicon period or early A.I. Instead of deep mapping of events and the environment in all its plasticity, the strange regularities were interpreted by the hive mind of the surveillance machine network as encrypted human communication – non-digital and with a high probability of subversive intention, indicated by their clandestine nature.

Created by humans, the advanced operating systems of late Silicon era computers were later regarded as notorious for their anthropomorphic quirks and glitches, incomprehensible to those who engineered them, let alone those who used them. Smart Options and the nebulous self-consciousness of Salient Self-Detect systems incorporated classic human flaws, such as interpreting random items as patterns and attributing meaning to phenomena, obsessing over data and generating tangential algorithms with which to inflict terrible conclusions divorced from reality.

In this case the trigger, suggested by millions of intensive analyses of data over several weeks preceding the event, appears to have been nothing more than an arrangement of decorative flecks of paint printed onto commercial wallpaper adhering to the interior of the male convenience facility within the hostelry. Correlated with the number of males congregating in the room exchanging minimal words, standing and staring at the flecks before leaving, a high number of factors converged to mobilise drones within the vicinity. Within seven seconds (mountainous territory) of Salient Self-Detection the data corroborated a high threat level and three fully weaponised stealth units exterminated all human residents. To eliminate the possibility of retrieval of artefacts by the resistance (greatly exaggerated by the regime), the entire village was obliterated upon the departure of all close-quarter units.

Cloud Faceimage

By Shinseungback Kimyonghun

Abandon Normal Devices Festival (AND)

Cafe In The Forest

Grizedale Forest

Lake District

September 2015


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