Escape to the City

I am the city. I covered the green rampant fields, encased them in cobbles, swathed them in streets, shrugged slums from my shoulders, piled them onto embankments over brown stilted rivers, cast over my gaze, froze the flow, changed the course, sank them in culverted darkness below. I am the paths of your destiny, the ginnels of your darkest desires, the boulevards of your aspirations, the mazy skein streets of your mind, the back and the forth, time and again, the midnight and the small hours, the sting of the daylight, the over and over, the rubbed and the worn, the convolutions of your brain.

I am the city, the gatekeeper, the bestower of fortune, denier of dreams. With every eyeblink, every clogged and chugging heart beat, you invest your belief in me, I gorge and grow, I thicken in the ambit of your every need.

I am the city. You have surrendered yourself to me. You have pledged yourself across centuries, annexed the soldiers of your soul, cast out, become renegade, configured into new forms, modernist alchemy, concrete and steel. Their positions now are well established, impenetrable. You will live, such as life is, by the law and the whim of the city.

The Oresteia
Directed by B McIntyre
October 23rd 2015

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1 Response to Escape to the City

  1. Emtage says:

    That was beautiful! I love the way you write, looking forward to reading more 🙂


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