The Englishman’s Castle

“In most cases,” Sylvie pushed the chicken onto her fork. “If you can truly define your problem you’re onto a winner, no matter how big your problem is. You can set it up, work against it… develop strategy. If you’re organised and determined you can at least make the necessary compensations. The trouble for you is that your central conflict is with yourself… I’ve said that now, out loud, so you don’t have to. Think of it as a favour.”
She punctuated her sentence by settling her cutlery against the gravy slick surface of her plate.  He avoided her eyes and stared out beyond the dining table, over the city below.

Outside in the last of the late evening sunlight, he leant against the Holloway Wall as though trying to insulate himself from the sound of her voice. Indignation made it hard to digest but the truth was harder to swallow. Her words reverberated inside his head. Here, with the concrete Wall against his back and the short summer grass beneath his feet, he had found a city in which he could be equally at home and estranged from himself.
High Rise
Dir. Ben Wheatley (2015)
4th April 2016

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