The Manchester Art Authority presents: Living & Dying In Our Grandfathers’ Houses

E85459A9-060D-4355-A8D2-0D7E0D343DE1The Manchester Art Authority is occupying the first floor of vintage furniture outlet INSITU to exhibit a brand new work entitled Living and Dying In Our Grandfathers’ Houses, beginning with a launch on the evening of May 24th.

Having previously exhibited at Nexus Art Cafe with Pomona Is Rising and Pomona: Year Zero, this latest project continues to explore the links between the changing nature of places and the values we invest in them. This time the focus on place switches from urban edgeland to the domestic arena. Visitors to the exhibition will be invited to cross the threshold and ascend the stairs to enter a matrix of abstract grandfathers’ houses represented though image, text and artefacts as they explore the ‘rooms’.

The Manchester Art Authority is an ongoing creative collaboration between myself and Josef Minta. We both work as artists, writers and teachers. This project evolved through the artists’ experience of residing in houses of our own grandparents at different times in our lives, tapping into the larger existential themes at play such as how our own identity is affected when our most personal and familiar environments go through radical change.

INSITU provides the perfect venue for contemplating these themes of changing environments, the passing of time and identity, positioned just a stone’s throw from the new Pomona development, a landscape in flux, a very short walk from the end of Deansgate or Cornbrook tram station.

Living and Dying In Our Grandfathers’ Houses runs from the launch, 6-8pm on Thursday 24th May, until 4pm on Saturday 26th May at INSITU, 252 Chester Road, Hume, Manchester.

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