Look At What You Could Have Won

IMG_3966 (3)Look At What You Could Have Won is the story of post-bomb Manchester, regenerated as the world’s first Zero Carbon City, and the rise to stardom of local band Northern Quarter, seen through the camera lens of Julie Vaughan, photography student and Old Town exile.  Amidst reports of strange lights out on the Floodplains surrounding the city, their paths cross beneath the sinister gaze of elevenseventeen Svengali and cultural masterplanner Jed Horrocks.  As wrecking balls, rumours and accusations fly through the purified air of the Development Zones, secrets of the past are revealed…

Look At What You Could Have Won is a novel of the near future, set in an alternative recent past.  Join Julie as she explores the radically re-imagined city, familiar yet unfamiliar with every eye-blink, the avant-garde art-pop of Northern Quarter’s debut album soundtracking her every move.

Each part of the book relates to the brief career of the band Northern Quarter, from the Soundcheck prologue, a fictionalised re-telling of the 1996 bombing, to the Coda epilogue via the ten chapters presented as tracks from Northern Quarter’s debut album, Look At What You Could Have Won.  Each track is prefaced with the complete lyrics (also woven through the text), live reviews, interview excerpts and magazine articles… before the story continues.

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