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Pomona is a strip of wasteland between the River Irwell and the Bridgewater Canal, approximately one and a half miles from Manchester city centre.

It is a place of rich history from which many trajectories can be explored, relating to other themes and events of significance in the evolution of the city.

For such an apparently barren place, it seems an unlikely nexus of such trajectories, but that’s typical of Pomona’s paradoxical nature.

View my writing about Pomona on the front page of my blog, or in the Pomona drop down menu above – Pomona Writings.

The place itself is currently threatened with development.  This has prompted an artistic call to arms with the My Pomona campaign: My Pomona

A fantastic history of the Royal Pomona Palace and some superb photography can be found here: Skyliner

The Save Pomona campaign: Save Pomona

Ruminations and a recent record of exploration by the artist Josef Minta:  Josef Minta

Finally, a fantastic re-imagining of Royal Pomona Palace by Edward Patton: Royal Pomona Palace



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