Welcome To This Is Not A Film Review


“Great site featuring the writing of Lee Ashworth: alternative Manchester lives on!” – Jeff Noon

Here, you will find my anti-reviews of film, theatre, music and art, mostly in Manchester, but occasionally from further afield.  If you are looking for conventional reviews of cultural events, then you won’t find them here.  Instead, you will find original ideas and thoughts expressed with a certain abstract lyricism… inspired by what I’ve seen, what I’ve heard and what I’ve experienced from the city’s cultural offerings.  I believe the response to great art should be to create more, create new, create something else.  Anti-reviews do not peddle critiques.  Anti-reviews create new forms of energy.  

This blog is also a showcase for my debut novel, Look At What You Could Have Won.  It is looking for a home.  It wants you to befriend it.  It wants you to hear it crack and shake and sing.  

Lee Ashworth

Twitter: @Lee_Ashworth_